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        Development of High-end Gravure Printing Market

        Category:Industry news   Addtime:2019-03-23 10:33:06   Clicks:1144 次

        It is understood that gravure presses in China are mainly used for printing of paper packaging and soft packaging. They are widely used in printing of paper packaging, soft packaging and decorative decoration. Because of their good printing quality, bright color and large-scale printing, gravure presses have always been the first choice in high-end printing markets such as aseptic packaging boxes, liquid milk boxes, cigarette boxes, food packaging and so on. Chinas banknotes, stamps, etc. are also printed by gravure printing machinery.

        From the development trend of packaging and printing enterprises in our country, large and medium-sized packaging and printing enterprises are increasing. These enterprises generally have strong comprehensive strength and pursue scale efficiency, high quality, high-tech content and high anti-counterfeiting. They have higher requirements for printing equipment. In addition, with the rapid development of downstream packaging and printing market, merger and reorganization of packaging and printing industry and consumers. With the increasing awareness of brand, more and more small and medium-sized printing enterprises have begun to use medium and high-speed gravure presses, and the market share of high-end gravure presses will become higher and higher.

        At present, most gravure press manufacturers in China are mainly concentrated in the low and medium-end market. There are fewer enterprises that have the real ability to compete with foreign manufacturers in the high-end market. Foreign manufacturers have occupied the domestic high-end gravure press market for a long time. In recent years, with the continuous progress of gravure printing machine manufacturing technology in China, the performance and quality of domestic gravure printing press can meet the needs of domestic high-end gravure printing machine users, and has obvious cost-effective advantages. The share of domestic gravure printing press in the high-end market is constantly expanding, and the number of imports of high-end gravure printing press is decreasing year by year. According to the Press Association statistics, in 2009, China imported 66 gravure printing press production lines, a decrease of 56.86% compared with 2004. The effect of domestic high-grade gravure printing press "replacing import" has become increasingly prominent. In the future, with the continuous improvement of domestic gravure printing press technology, the pace of replacing import will be further accelerated.