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        Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of Printing Machinery

        Category:Industry news   Addtime:2019-03-23 10:34:00   Clicks:1079 次

        In order to ensure the normal operation of the printing press, daily maintenance and maintenance is very important. Daily maintenance of printing press is an important task in equipment management of Fenghua Bolian Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. The static maintenance of printing press refers to the maintenance of the machine in a static state.

        Establish rules and regulations for the maintenance of printing machines. Maintenance of printing press should be based on machine instructions. Such as regular oil change, filter cleaning, regular testing of machine accuracy, etc.

        _2. Strengthen the maintenance of important parts of the machine. Gears, cams, sprockets, drums and bearings are the most important parts of the printing press. Their maintenance should be different from other parts, because the change of their accuracy will affect the final printing quality. Spring is the most widely used component of force balance mechanism in machine. Their working quality directly determines the accuracy of the coordination of moving parts. Spring must be sensitive to elasticity, while anelastic and irreversible plastic deformation are extremely disadvantageous to the work of spring. If the above problems are found, the spring should be replaced immediately.

        _3. To carry out technological reform and strengthen the maintenance of printing machines. Machine maintenance requires that the convenience of machine maintenance be fully taken into account in the design of the machine. However, due to the complexity of the printing press, it is obviously impossible to take every factor into account, and the environment changes, the content of machine maintenance will also change. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the structure which is not conducive to the maintenance of the machine without affecting the normal work. The dynamic maintenance of the printing press refers to the maintenance of the machine under the dynamic state of the printing press. Machine static maintenance is the premise of machine dynamic maintenance, while the dynamic operation of the machine can in turn detect the level of machine static maintenance. Dynamic maintenance of machines is very important.

        _1. Preparatory state detection of printing machine. The ready state of the machine can be checked by touching or turning. For example, tools and other items are stuck in the machine; whether the printing plate is installed properly, if not properly, it may cause damage to the printing plate or bring great difficulties in finding rules; whether the rubber cloth is installed properly, if not properly, it may cause printing failure, and in serious cases, it may cause damage to the rubber cloth or machine.

        _2. Lubrication state of printing machine. First of all, we can observe whether the oil pipeline of the machine is smooth through the oil mark. If there is no oil in the oil mark or the oil mark is not clear, we should stop in an emergency and carefully check whether there is oil leakage in the oil pipeline. Although the oil spill in the machine is easy to observe, it is difficult to find the cause. For machines such as sliding bearings, low speed is not conducive to their lubrication, especially the point or low speed operation has a greater impact on their lubrication. Therefore, before doing this kind of operation, it is better to lubricate the idling machine first, which is also a primary task to be done before working every day. Some pumps of machines are driven by the main engine, so when the reverse point occurs, the oil pipeline can not refuel, but will suck the oil back into the tank. This is very dangerous, so the reverse point should be avoided. Lubrication of some important parts can also be detected by the metal temperature nearby. If the temperature is too high, it indicates that there is a problem with lubrication.

        _3. Impact during the operation of printing machine. The smaller the impact, the better the printing, and the longer the service life of the machine. Reducing the printing pressure is an important condition to ensure the smooth operation of the machine. On the premise of ensuring the quality of printing, the smaller the printing pressure, the better. Reducing machine speed is another important condition to reduce machine inertia. The lower the machine speed is, the smaller the inertia is. Therefore, the machine can not always run at high speed.