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        Ink Viscosity of Gravure Printer

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        The correct dilution method of gravure printing ink is to mix the ink while slowly pouring into the solvent, because the pigment particles in the ink are wrapped in the resin and evenly distributed in the whole system. If the ink is diluted rapidly with multi-star solvent, the ink is often impacted by this solvent to form a bare state of evenly distributed pigment particles, losing its due gloss and transparency. In order to reduce the printing effect, the printer should pay special attention to this point.

        _Gravure press is a direct printing method using circular pressing. The plate is directly printed on the plate drum. Ink is given by immersion or inkjet, and there is no uniform ink mechanism. When gravure press is printing, the whole plate of the plate drum is inked, and the blank part of the ink on the plate is scraped out with an ink scraper, leaving the ink in the graphic and text parts, and then the paper is pressed on the back of the paper by the press drum. Printing, so that the concave part of the ink directly transferred to the paper surface, and finally through the paper collection part of the printed matter stacking or rewinding.

        The main features of the gravure press are: it can effectively prevent ink flicking at high speed. Semi-closed ink tank can reduce volatilization of organic solvents and ensure the stability of ink in high-speed printing process. The recycling use of ink has decreased from about 18L to about 9.8L. Because there is always a gap of 1-1.5mm between the downward ink roll and the plate roll, it can effectively promote the transfer of ink to the hole of the plate roll in the process of rolling between the downward ink roll and the plate roll, so as to better realize the shallow mesh step reduction.

        _Gravure Printers main functions: the on-site intelligent data platform can read the operation parameters and status of the selected machine control system, realize the necessary monitoring and parameter backup storage; the on-site intelligent data platform can accept the process parameters and related order requirements issued by the remote intelligent data platform, and implement authorization to decide whether to deliver the process parameters issued by the remote intelligent data platform or not. To the control system HMI, and so on.